Saturday, October 24, 2015

a lil update

confession of Joanamarie Cuyung at 10:38 PM 0 comment

Wow its been a long time i've been abandoning this blog.
I guess I'm just to busy to update stuff in here.
Im thinking of deactivating this account, but there's alot of written memories in this blog that I treasured.

So, I'm now working as a Nutritionist in one of the largest group of Healthcare company in Malaysia.
Been away from Love, Family, Friends, my Pets and everything in KK for 3 months already.
Been missing KK alot. The foods, environment... and that people that I love.
I think I'm happy with my current job (?) as working in healthcare line makes me learnt alot of things.
But somehow, Im thinking of furthering my study. To pursue my master in Nutrition Epidemiology.
Well, not for now I guess, but perhaps in near future??

I kinda wanna say something, but now I'm clueless. haha.

Listening to hard to say I'm sorry by Chicago, and now im all emotional.
Missing Jekky alot.
I wanna spend more time with him.

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